Wednesday, March 16, 2011

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March 15th Headlines

Not much news today.

The Arizona Republic - Glendale seeks new investors for Phoenix Coyotes deal
Winnipeg Free Press - Bettman, owners don’t like to budge

Believe it or not, Bettman IS a professional. Finding an investor or pulling some more money out of their hat is not out of the question.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

March 12-14th Headlines

Not much news regarding the sale. Seems like it will be pretty slow. The NHL would never announce they were leaving before the season is out. Tickets sales would hit the floor.

Wheeler from Power 97 writes this:

Winnipeg Sun - When NHL returns, team won’t be called Jets

Makes sense to say the team's from Manitoba. Manitoba Jets doesn't sound quite right either. Will certainly be exciting when they make an announcement. Looks like I might need to grab a new domain name this summer.

In Coyotes news, two wins in a row have them looking at 5th place. Ex-Ranger Laurie Korpikoski was Sunday's number one star over at Puck Daddy.

Puck Daddy - Sunday’s Three Stars: Korpikoski nets pair; Sabres sink Sens

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Friday, March 11, 2011

March 11th headlines

Same thing as yesterday, David Shoalts calls the situation a "high-stakes game of chicken"

Globe and Mail - NHL keeps Winnipeg waiting

Bryzgalov got his 6th shutout of the year last night too.

ESPN - Ilya Bryzgalov makes 38 saves to earn 6th shutout

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March 10th Headlines

Seeing as to how every one says that time is running out on making a decision, my guess is that the next little while could be the calm before the storm.

Only good article I saw was about what the players think.

Montreal Gazette - Coyotes players hoping team stays in Phoenix

Can't really blame the players. Can't Imagine any players would have been too too thrilled about moving to phoenix in '96.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I'm absolutely amazed with the amount of traffic my blog has generated so far. I owe a lot to Kevin from The New York Rangers Blog for pointing a number of people my way. However, I kind of just chose to use blogger in the spur of the moment. In the next little bit I might be trying to get something using WordPress going, possibly even a ".com"

Exciting stuff. I'll keep you posted.

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March 9th Headlines

Everyone seems to have an article out about what went on yesterday.

The best is from Puck Daddy, It also shows all of the interviews of note.

Puck Daddy - Gary Bettman talks (and talks and talks) about Coyotes' fate
TSN - Bettman discusses Coyotes situation in Glendale
ESPN - Gary Bettman: Coyotes sale blocked
Winnipeg Free Press - Coyotes deal at a stalemate

There's really a lot of the same stuff there. I notice in these interviews, reporters seem to be trying to get Bettman to say, "Winnipeg", but his answer is always, "Sell the bonds". David Amber of NHL On The Fly even laughed after needing to reword the question a few times.

Paul Bissonnette has been making some funnies about the possibility of moving north.

"I'd be upset to leave here, but I wouldn't be too upset either way," Bissonnette said.
Suddenly, teammates in the vicinity begin eavesdropping.
"It would be exciting to be the team that went back to Canada," he said. "C'mon, we'd be treated like gods. I mean, the big difference is the weather. The weather is awful, but you know that, and it's like everything would be opposite in Canada. The fans would be the opposite. The media would be different. There's no pressure from the media here, and it only comes from inside the room."
Is this guy serious? Teammate Kyle Turris can't believe his ears.
"But what about the girls?" he said.
"The girls are undercover hot in Canada," Bissonnette said. "Besides, we'd be the only game in town. I'm sure we'd have first dibs."

The Arizona Republic - Phoenix Coyotes worth getting to know

Power 97, a radio station in Winnipeg, had been discussing the fact that if we were to get an NHL team back, they would NOT be named the Jets, and wanted to do a poll on possible names. I'll keep an eye out for a link.

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Bettman's "Announcement"

Gary Bettman held a conference to make an announcement. The only point he was trying to get across is that Goldwater has no reason to try and halt this deal. He also tries promote the sale of bonds and make Goldwater look unjust.

I think this is a last resort to try and get people to buy the bonds. They already look bad due to Goldwater, and either Goldwater or Glendale opening a lawsuit will make them look worse. He says that Goldwater only threatens action and suggests they're only bluffing. He wants buys to think Goldwater is playing the waiting game, when clearly Bettman is the one playing that game.

A lawsuit almost guarantees the failure of this deal, and this announcement only shows how close it really is to falling through.

Here's Bettman on NHL On The Fly
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March 8th News Update

Bettman most likely saying something like, "I hate Winnipeg"

Starting from about 9:00 AM here's what I've heard:

10:55 AM -
Darren Dreger reports the following in his TSN blog:

"While nothing groundbreaking is expected to transpire today, sources confirm with The Dreger Report that NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and deputy commissioner Bill Daly will be in Glendale today and have meetings scheduled with the city of Glendale and perhaps the Goldwater Institute."

- The Dreger Report

2:00 PM-
Elliote Friedman reported via twitter that Bettman would address the media with new. He also retweeted a Phoenix Business Journal article that reported a draft for a new deal.

The Details of the possible deal:
-Reduce Glendale's bond payment
-NHL discounts asking price
-Hulsizer pays more than the previous plan
-Reduced bonds make Goldwater back off

Phoenix Business Journal - Last-ditch Coyotes deal could be in the works

3:52 PM-
The Globe and Mail speaks to Hulsizer who denies any such deal:

"Hulsizer said he never heard of such a plan and would not be willing to pay more than he already agreed to if a plan exists. He also said he is unaware of any plans by the NHL to reduce its price for the Coyotes or for Glendale to cut the bond issue." 

The Globe and Mail -  Hulsizer won't change deal for Coyotes

Whatever the outcome, It looks like Bettman will clear it up in a press conference tonight, cross your fingers for some good news!

Go Jets Go!

March 8th Headlines

ESPN - Sources: Glendale suit on hold
Globe and Mail - Is Winnipeg a viable NHL market?
Winnipeg Free Press -Glendale's legal threats fail to faze Goldwater
Winnipeg Free Press - Goldwater escalates war of words with Glendale
Winnipeg Sun - Time nears for NHL to fish or cut bait on Zombie Jets

Nothing too special this morning. It seems like it'll just be re-hashes of old news and "he-said, she-said" until the NHL makes the final call on Glendale.

Greatest Jets Moment

Selanne's Rookie Record

This video sure gives me the shivers. Wish I could have been there. Imagine Selanne playing in Winnipeg again!

The 'Yotes

If you're a Winnipegger you're probably not a huge fan of the Phoenix Coyotes, in fact, you may even hate them! If this team is going to become the Jets, we'd better take a liking to 'em.

They're really not that bad. They're 2nd in the super super close pacific division. They're doing this this well with not too many big name players. As a Rangers fan, I know Rozsival all too well and was glad to get rid of him. He's their second highest paid player! Korpikoski played a year with the Rangers, and was pretty good, I'm glad to see him doing well, he will finish the year with more than twice the points he has had previously.

The biggest names on the Coyotes are Bryzgalov, Yandle, and Doan.

Ilya Bryzgalov 

This Russian has played in Glendale for 4 years and seems to play 3/4 to 7/8 of the games. He doesn't rank too highly in either GAA or SV% but he's had 5 shutouts this year. Unfortunately he is an UFA at the end of the year. Would be great to sign a deal.

Keith Yandle

Yandle is only 24, and is tied with Lidstrom for most points for a defencemen. He is playing for only 1.3 million and is a RFA. At the end of the year the Jets/Coyotes would be silly not to resign the guy. Probably should get somewhere between 5.2/yr (Byfuglien) and 3.3/yr (Girardi) if he keeps his play up. I would love to see this guy skate at MTS.

Shane Doan

Shane Doan is one of the last remaining players who has actually played for the Jets (Doan, Selanne, Draper, Khabibulin). His contract is up at the end of 2012, but it is speculated that he'll retire.

For the most part, the Coyotes don't have too many players signed for very long. If they move to Winnipeg, it might be a team with a very different look.

Either way, it looks like this team might finish off the year very well, and since they're in no position to receive a lottery pick I'm most definitely cheering for them. I'll try to keep an update on the Coyotes on ice as well as off the ice.

I sure hope this team comes to Winnipeg.

Monday, March 7, 2011

More March 7th Headlines

Winnipeg Free Press - Goldwater escalates war of words with Glendale
Globe and Mail - Is Winnipeg a viable NHL market?
ESPN - Sources: Glendale suit on hold

I'm liking what ESPN's Burnside says at the end of his article.
"The NHL has the right to begin relocation of the team at any time, and if the bond issue drags out much longer without a resolution or the deal falls apart for any other reason, the NHL will move swiftly to announce the team will move to Winnipeg for the start of the 2011-12 season."
The deal most certainly seems to be falling apart... bring em' home!

Headlines March 6 -7

March 7th 

Winnipeg Free Press - Death Watch
CBC - Nothing's clear when it comes to Winnipeg 

March 6th

Puck Daddy - Know what would make Coyotes' mess messier? Dueling lawsuits! 

Not a whole ton of news, maybe we'll hear if Glendale or Goldwater opens a lawsuit at the end of the day.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Recent Headlines (Feb 28th - March 5th)

March 5th   

ESPN - Sources: Glendale to file lawsuit Monday 
ESPN - Phoenix's domino effect on Atlanta 
Winnipeg Free Press - Glendale's strategy to keep Coyotes on shaky ground 
Winnipeg Free Press - If we get NHL back, we better love it a lot 
Winnipeg Free Press - Clock ticking, NHL pushing bonds 
The Arizona Republic - Cases made for keeping Phoenix Coyotes in Glendale 
The Arizona Republic - Criticizing Phoenix Coyotes' fan base is unfair 

March 4th 

ESPN - Motives questionable in Coyotes deal 

March 3rd 

Winnipeg Free Press - NHL intent on closing desert deal 
Winnipeg Free Press - Winnipeg still in conversation 

These are all good reads. I can't help but get a little excited after reading some of them. Looks like time is getting pretty short for the NHL to make a decision.

The Situation in Glendale -FOR DUMMIES-

In 2009 the Phoenix Coyotes filed for bankruptcy after it being revealed  the team had lost hundreds of millions of dollars since moving to Pheonix. It was also revealed that the NHL had taken over operation of the Team.

In May 2009, the owner Jerry Moyes revealed that he intended to sell the team to Jim Balsillie, who would relocate the team to Hamilton, Ontario. This was revealed at about the same time Gary Bettman was scheduled to present an offer to purchase the team.

From May to September 2009 bankruptcy hearings took place to determine the plan for the Coyotes and their owners. Two potential owners that wanted to keep the team in Phoenix appeared Jerry Reinsdorf and Ice Edge Holdings. Neither put a bid in at the hearings. The court ruled that Moyes could not sell to Balsillie as it was against league relocation rules. The NHL settles to purchase the team from Moyes and assume all dept, with the intention to stabilize and quickly sell the team.

After the sale the NHL started negotiation with Ice Edge as well as Reinsdorf.

Ice Edge had signed a letter of Intent to Purchase with the NHL, and now needed to be approved by the NHL board of Governors and work out a lease agreement with the City of Glendale. Reinsdorf worked out a deal with Glendale, but not the NHL. Both investors ran into problems and dropped out by the end of August 2010.

Matthew Hulsizer
During negotiations, in March 2010 the NHL had an agreement to sell and move the team to Winnipeg with David Thomson, should plans in Glendale fail.

The NHL threatened to move the team to Winnipeg for the 2010-11 season so Glendale decided to pay the losses for they season and keep the team there. The NHL also put a December 2010 deadline on any deal to keep the team in Glendale.

In December 2010 Matthew Hulsizer was approved by the NHL to buy the team and has a deal with Glendale.

As of today the NHL intends to complete this sale, however The Goldwater Institute, a public policy research organization in Arizona, threatens lawsuit because the lease agreement may be against Arizona law.

Referenced. The Winnipeg Free Press, The Arizona Republic, The Globe and Mail, ESPN

Old News

A little bit of back ground
The Winnipeg Jets were originally in the WHA, they played 7 seasons from 1972 to 1972, before the league folded. The Jets were the Champion of the league 3 times, in 76, 78, and 79.

The WHA success of the Jets earned them a spot in NHL, where in a reclamation draft, they lost a good chunk of skilled players. The first two seasons saw dead last finishes for them, however due to high draft picks they developed a strong core with players such as Hawerchuck, and Steen.

Teemu Selanne,17th on the NHL's all time goal list
The next fifteen years included qualification for the playoffs eleven times, however when they had success in the regular season, it never turned into playoff success. They manged to be matched up against the Gretzky era Oilers, who beat the jets on the way to the cup a number of times.

When the NHL started expanding into the southern US, costs to run a team and salaries went way up. In a small market and unable to afford the most skilled players, our team was moved to Phoenix for the start of the 96-97 season.

The Coyotes, from 97 until now have never managed to more than okay.

Next year... Hopefully, They'll be back!

First Post

With the amount of news that has to do with the Winnipeg Jets, it's been getting harder and harder to find a source that puts together all the news. I have followed a New York Rangers blog that "does the dirty work" for fans of the team. The author does a great job of compiling all of the news and articles related to the team that day and adds in some of his own opinion as well as watches mostly every game and throws in his opinion on that. That's what I plan do do with this blog.

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