Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March 9th Headlines

Everyone seems to have an article out about what went on yesterday.

The best is from Puck Daddy, It also shows all of the interviews of note.

Puck Daddy - Gary Bettman talks (and talks and talks) about Coyotes' fate
TSN - Bettman discusses Coyotes situation in Glendale
ESPN - Gary Bettman: Coyotes sale blocked
Winnipeg Free Press - Coyotes deal at a stalemate

There's really a lot of the same stuff there. I notice in these interviews, reporters seem to be trying to get Bettman to say, "Winnipeg", but his answer is always, "Sell the bonds". David Amber of NHL On The Fly even laughed after needing to reword the question a few times.

Paul Bissonnette has been making some funnies about the possibility of moving north.

"I'd be upset to leave here, but I wouldn't be too upset either way," Bissonnette said.
Suddenly, teammates in the vicinity begin eavesdropping.
"It would be exciting to be the team that went back to Canada," he said. "C'mon, we'd be treated like gods. I mean, the big difference is the weather. The weather is awful, but you know that, and it's like everything would be opposite in Canada. The fans would be the opposite. The media would be different. There's no pressure from the media here, and it only comes from inside the room."
Is this guy serious? Teammate Kyle Turris can't believe his ears.
"But what about the girls?" he said.
"The girls are undercover hot in Canada," Bissonnette said. "Besides, we'd be the only game in town. I'm sure we'd have first dibs."

The Arizona Republic - Phoenix Coyotes worth getting to know

Power 97, a radio station in Winnipeg, had been discussing the fact that if we were to get an NHL team back, they would NOT be named the Jets, and wanted to do a poll on possible names. I'll keep an eye out for a link.

Go Jets Go
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