Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March 8th News Update

Bettman most likely saying something like, "I hate Winnipeg"

Starting from about 9:00 AM here's what I've heard:

10:55 AM -
Darren Dreger reports the following in his TSN blog:

"While nothing groundbreaking is expected to transpire today, sources confirm with The Dreger Report that NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and deputy commissioner Bill Daly will be in Glendale today and have meetings scheduled with the city of Glendale and perhaps the Goldwater Institute."

- The Dreger Report

2:00 PM-
Elliote Friedman reported via twitter that Bettman would address the media with new. He also retweeted a Phoenix Business Journal article that reported a draft for a new deal.

The Details of the possible deal:
-Reduce Glendale's bond payment
-NHL discounts asking price
-Hulsizer pays more than the previous plan
-Reduced bonds make Goldwater back off

Phoenix Business Journal - Last-ditch Coyotes deal could be in the works

3:52 PM-
The Globe and Mail speaks to Hulsizer who denies any such deal:

"Hulsizer said he never heard of such a plan and would not be willing to pay more than he already agreed to if a plan exists. He also said he is unaware of any plans by the NHL to reduce its price for the Coyotes or for Glendale to cut the bond issue." 

The Globe and Mail -  Hulsizer won't change deal for Coyotes

Whatever the outcome, It looks like Bettman will clear it up in a press conference tonight, cross your fingers for some good news!

Go Jets Go!

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