Monday, March 14, 2011

March 12-14th Headlines

Not much news regarding the sale. Seems like it will be pretty slow. The NHL would never announce they were leaving before the season is out. Tickets sales would hit the floor.

Wheeler from Power 97 writes this:

Winnipeg Sun - When NHL returns, team won’t be called Jets

Makes sense to say the team's from Manitoba. Manitoba Jets doesn't sound quite right either. Will certainly be exciting when they make an announcement. Looks like I might need to grab a new domain name this summer.

In Coyotes news, two wins in a row have them looking at 5th place. Ex-Ranger Laurie Korpikoski was Sunday's number one star over at Puck Daddy.

Puck Daddy - Sunday’s Three Stars: Korpikoski nets pair; Sabres sink Sens

Go Jets Go

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