Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bettman's "Announcement"

Gary Bettman held a conference to make an announcement. The only point he was trying to get across is that Goldwater has no reason to try and halt this deal. He also tries promote the sale of bonds and make Goldwater look unjust.

I think this is a last resort to try and get people to buy the bonds. They already look bad due to Goldwater, and either Goldwater or Glendale opening a lawsuit will make them look worse. He says that Goldwater only threatens action and suggests they're only bluffing. He wants buys to think Goldwater is playing the waiting game, when clearly Bettman is the one playing that game.

A lawsuit almost guarantees the failure of this deal, and this announcement only shows how close it really is to falling through.

Here's Bettman on NHL On The Fly
Go Jets Go

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